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  • Experienced Las Vegas Security Company

    Security Unlimited is a fully licensed and insured Las Vegas security company that can meet your event security needs and more. It can be difficult to find the right security that you know you can trust to guard your event. Rest assured that we take our reputation seriously and will ensure that your property and guests are well protected. We offer a full range of assistance and can provide any of the following types of professionals for your next event:

    • Security officers for special events, buildings, apartments, and industrial complexes
    • Event ushers
    • Event hosts
    • Trained ticket sellers
    • Ticket takers
    • Parking attendants
    • Patrol officers

    Ideal Solutions for All Types of Events

    Oftentimes, the more people are found in a venue, the more chaotic it seems to become. However, we will ensure that this does not happen at your event. Our skilled security guards can oversee guest relations for the following types of events:

    • Weddings
    • Concerts, operas, or shows
    • Stadiums and sporting events
    • Movie premieres
    • Filming location
    • Tradeshows
    • Parties
    • Televised events
    • Any special event or large party

    Trusted Security Companies in Las Vegas

    We take pride in offering only the very best. Our officers are thoroughly trained and experienced to ensure that they can protect your guests and property. Supervisors also check on security guards throughout the event to ensure that everything is proceeding smoothly and according to schedule.

    Along with specializing in guest relations, we can also assist when you simply need reliable security to safeguard your property. For instance, many clients hire us on construction sites. This is ideal because we can monitor the property throughout the night to ensure that no items are taken or vandalized at any point in the day or night.

    Available to Meet Your Needs 24 Hours a Day

    Whether you are looking for assistance with an impressive awards show or an intimate wedding, we can provide the exact level of service you need. We can also remain on the facility for as long as you require. We are available 24 hours a day and can provide the assistance you need, when you need it most.

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